Put our years of custom packaging specialization to work for you to protect high-percentage isopropyl alcohol (IPA) that's essential for hand sanitizer products.

Our flexible packaging not only offers high barrier protection for hard-to-hold products such as hand sanitizer, it also provides many eco-friendly benefits - less plastic waste, less energy consumption, less greenshouse gas emissions, and less water usage than rigid plastic packaging.

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Hand Sanitizer in Flexible Packaging
Premade STANDCAP Pouch for Hand Sanitizer Gel
Premade STANDCAP Pouch for Hand Sanitizer Gel

Inverted Premade Pouches

The award-winning inverted squeeze pouch provides various benefits for hand sanitizer gels & liquids:

  • High-barrier structure protects high-percentage isopropyl alcohol (IPA)
  • Lightweight, flexible, gravity-fed package allows for up to 99% product evacuation
  • Unique shape and reverse printed billboard space for enhanced shelf impact
  • AptarGroup's flip-top Sierra closure features the SlimpliSqueeze® valve that improves barrier properties and offers drip-free controlled dispensing
  • Premade STANDCAP Pouches result in up to 63% less plastic (by weight), 61% less fossil fuel consumption, 62% less greenhouse gas emissions, 76% less water usage, 52% less landfill waste (even when factoring in plastic) when compared to plastic bottles

Spouted Pouches for Gel & Liquid Hand Sanitizers

With years of technical experience, we provide custom spouted pouches suited for high-barrier applications like hand sanitizer with various options and benefits:

  • Corner & top-mounted fitments
  • Variety of closures such as screw caps
  • Custom sizes and unique die-cut shapes
  • Reverse printed graphics
sanitizer wipes packaging

Premade Pouches for Packaging Sanitizing Wipes

Glenroy's premade pouches for high-percentage IPA sanitizing towelettes & wipes feature trusted engineered structures and reverse printed graphics for superior protection and design. 

  • Slider closures with end clips
  • 3-side seal premade pouches with tear notches
  • Press-to-close zipper closures
  • Peel & reseal premade pouches

Single-use Sachets for Hand Sanitizer

Glenroy has earned a reputation in the flexible packaging industry for having exceptional expertise in manufacturing high barrier film laminations and single-use sachets for “hard-to-hold” products. Options for hand sanitizing gels & wipes with IPA include:

  • Varying sizes of single-use sachet/packet formats
  • Small fill volume sachets with spouts available
  • Reverse-printed graphics

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