Box Pouches poise your products to stand out on retail shelves. Ideal for granulates, powders, and other dry goods, Box Pouches convey high quality and convenience to consumers.

Box pouch designed to hold dry products

Side view of Glenroy's Box Pouch

Box Pouches provide many benefits:

  • Five panels of printable surface area to act as billboards for your brand (front, back, bottom, and two side gussets)
  • Efficient utilization of shelf space
  • Exceptional stability on shelves, and easily stackable
  • 12% less film consumption compared to stand-up pouches of similar volume
  • Enhanced shelf appeal

Box Pouches are available with convenient closure options, including:

  • press-to-close (PTC) zippers
  • slider zippers
  • hooded sliders

Various other features can also be incorporated into your Box Pouches as well, such as:

  • tear notches
  • laser-scoring (provides easy and smooth tearing of tamper-evident seals)
  • die-cut handles
  • ​peg holes
  • rounded corners

In addition to a unique look that cannot be replicated by other stand-up pouches or bags, Box Pouches provide the ability to use two different materials for various faces of the pouch.  Box Pouches with clear side gussets can provide a window to the product inside, while metallic flexible packaging materials can be used for the rest of the pouch. 

Various configurations of Box Pouches are available, such as pouches with full height side gussets, or pouches with terminated side gussets.  Please contact us to learn more about the possibilities.

Box Pouch® is a registered trademark of Totani Corp.

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