Stand up pouches are one of the fastest growing packaging formats, with stand-up pouch usage projected to grow by 7% each year. Improve the consumer experience and convey the quality of your brand with customized stand-up pouches.

Custom Stand-up Pouch Packaging Examples
Premade STANDCAP Pouch for IPA hand sanitizer

Stand Up Barrier Pouches

If your requirements include barrier films that will protect your products from oxygen, light, or moisture, we can provide stand up pouches to meet the barrier properties that your products require.

Unlike some flexible packaging converters with a menu of standard materials or pouches, we’ll provide customized materials and pouches based on your specific needs. We don’t develop products and try to drive you towards them; we listen to your needs and engineer innovations that will solve your packaging challenges.

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Converting from Rigid to Flexible Packaging?

Leading brands have turned to Glenroy when converting from rigid packaging to flexible packaging. If you’re making the transition from rigid packaging to stand up pouches, let us ease the process for you.

Small spouted pouch with disc cap closure

Stand Out in a Sea of Sameness

Differentiate your products and capture consumers’ attention. Available with convenient features such as recloseable sliders and zippers, tear notch closures, handles, and built-in pour spouts, stand-up pouch packaging can help you drive sales of your products.

We excel at providing medium to large quantities of customized stand-up pouches - typically between 35,000 - 50,000 pouches depending on the dimensions of the stand up pouch. 

First stand-up oil pouch in the U.S. power sports industry

Stand up Pouch & Bag Options

Pouch styles include:

  • Spouted pouches or fitment pouches (including tap & gland fitments)
  • Shaped pouches
  • 3-side seal pouches
  • Quad seal side gusset pouches (inserted or folded gussets)
  • Stand up bottom gusset pouches (inserted or folded gussets)
  • Top-spouted pouches
  • Corner-spouted pouches
  • Box pouches®

Pouch closure options include:

  • Spouts and fitments
  • Press-to-close zippers
  • Sliders (with or without end clips)
  • Hooded sliders
  • Other options available upon request

Pouch gusset seal types:

  • K-seals
  • Doyen seals
  • Flat bottom seals
  • Custom-designed gusset seals available upon request

Additional pouch features include:

  • Rounded corners
  • Mitered corners
  • Tear notches
  • Clear windows
  • Glossy or matte finishes
  • Venting
  • Handle holes
  • Hanger holes
  • Mechanical perforating
  • Wicketing
  • Laser scoring or laser perforating


Fully Customized Stand Up Pouches

Our packaging engineers will work one-on-one with you to create customized stand up pouches based upon your product’s unique formulation, usage, life cycle, and filling equipment. We incorporate a full array of technical services including advanced pouch prototyping, pouch sizing, product/package compatibility testing, burst testing, and drop testing.

With some of the most extensive in-house premade pouch converting capabilities in the industry, and with machinery that has produced award-winning stand-up pouches, we offer the capabilities and expertise you need to create consumer-centric pouches that stand out.

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