At Glenroy, we strive to make each and every flexible packaging project a success. Below are some examples of how we have helped our customers succeed.

SoChatti Chocolate Case Study

SoChatti Chocolate

SoChatti is craft chocolate made and packaged to be eaten melted. Chocolate makers can attest that chocolate is best consumed warm, which helps draw out the complex flavors and aromas characteristic of exotic cacao beans. With this unique product and package, SoChatti has reinvented and heightened the chocolate experience, bringing to consumers what was previously only available to chocolate makers.

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EcoVue Packaging

EcoVue Ultrasound Gel

The innovative, flexible EcoVue® FlexPac® packaging by HR® Pharmaceuticals features custom flexible packaging film from Glenroy with many benefits to the consumer and society overall. It is easy to hold and easy to use, but it’s also lightweight and requires less energy to manufacture and transport. Much less CO2 is emitted during its manufacture, and the need for pallets in shipping and warehousing is reduced by 94%.

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ZORBX stand-up pouch with sprayer fitment

ZORBX Odor Remover

A light bulb went off for Issa when he had the idea to put ZORBX Odor Remover in a lightweight stand-up pouch rather than a bottle. He began searching for a company who could help him turn his idea into reality, and online research led him to Glenroy, a flexible packaging manufacturer in the Midwest with expertise in producing pouches for liquids.

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Arctic Cat oil pouch

Arctic Cat Oil

Arctic Cat, a well-known manufacturer of snowmobiles, and Lube-Tech, a leading OEM lubricant formulator, desired a durable package for a new synthetic oil blend that would provide visibility and convenience for consumers, reinforce the high-performance, environmentally-conscious characteristics of the brand, and provide high-barrier properties to protect the integrity of the product.

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High barrier pouch

The HopeGel Project

Glenroy Inc. provides flexible packaging for many types of products, from motor oil to medical devices. But ask Rich Buss, president of Glenroy, the most unique application that Glenroy’s pouches have been used for, and his answer may surprise you: "Hope."

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High barrier flexible packaging film

NEUTECH Packaging Systems

NEUTECH Packaging Systems was approached by a potential customer who informed the company that its current supplier of flexible packaging would no longer be able to supply its material. In order to keep production moving according to the customer’s schedule, NEUTECH needed to act quickly to find a new flexible packaging supplier that met the requirements of the project.

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Packaging film slitter

Multi-Pack Solutions

Multi-Pack Solutions is a longtime Glenroy customer, having utilized Glenroy as a converter for over 25 years. However, businesses are always looking for the most cost-effective and efficient production methods, especially in these challenging economic times.

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Glenroy customer service representative

Nomax Inc.

In 2005, Nomax was informed that its supplier of flexible packaging would be going out of business. Nomax had less than six months to qualify a new supplier of flexible packaging, and had to act quickly.

With strict packaging specifications for moisture-sensitive products, Nomax needed to locate a packaging supplier capable of providing materials that could ensure barrier protection for all of the company’s products. Each product had its own unique barrier requirements that needed to be met in order to ensure product integrity.

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