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Learn why many leading brands trust Glenroy as their flexible packaging supplier.

We aim to be your first-choice supplier by delivering reliable, cost-effective flexible packaging, accompanied by the best package engineering resources and customer service in the industry

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Success Stories

Real-world examples of Glenroy going above and beyond to help companies solve packaging challenges. Examples include pharmaceuticals, engine oil, and a nutritional gel designed to save starving children in Haiti.

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Environmental Responsibility

Information on innovative sustainable packaging options, Glenroy’s green initiatives, and the environmental impacts of flexible packaging. 

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A brief history of a company that has grown exponentially over the past fifty years, all due to a culture of making a difference for customers.

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Press releases and articles on Glenroy’s flexible packaging developments.

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Learn about the many benefits of working at Glenroy, see employee testimonials, and explore career opportunities.

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Why choose Glenroy over other flexible packaging suppliers? Our customers explain it best.

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